What is Rillo87

Hi I'm Jazmine "Ambitious" Brown owner and creator of Rillo87 Brand. Once upon a time Rillo was just a name that people called me because Jazmine is an extremely common name and easy to forget. Being from Amarillo Tx always made me unique simply because not many people have heard of Amarillo, most people pass through Amarillo while traveling and most times I was the first person someone met from Amarillo. I was easily nicknamed "Rillo" or that girl from Amarillo. 



In 2014 I knew I wanted to own a business just was't sure what kind of business. While working as a social worker one of my group activities was to create a vision board. One my board I put own t-shirt company, I had no idea what kind of t-shirts I just knew I wanted a t-shirt company of my own. 

In 2016 my brother was diagnosed with cancer. After receiving the news I immediately started doing research and coming up with the ideas for my shirt company. I wanted my brothers children to have something they could inherit if anything was to happen to my brother his children would be taken care of financially. 

The inspiration behind the name Rillo came from the nickname I received while in college. It was also inspired by my hometown Amarillo TX,the community I grew up in, schools my siblings and I attended and my desire to inspire others to revitalize themselves and live life originally. 

I've always been picked on for dressing different and not keeping up with the latest trends. I started making custom shirts as a kid, so I could stand out, have something no one else had, and primarily match my kicks. I started using iron on letters then graduated to creating tie dye shirt designs to eventually growing up and creating a logo and a brand. 

1987 the year I was born "originated" and 1887 the year my home town was established and why the 87 in the brand is significant. 

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