Rillo87 Interview featuring Roshanda

When I first started the Rillo87 Brand everything was done in Amarillo TX my home town. Ms. Roshanda is a business woman, mother and community leader I admire from Amarillo. Being a Lupus Warrior she displays so much resilience and grace and is living her life unapologetically. She’s been a huge supporter of Rillo87 since day one. I asked Roshanda a few questions here’s what she had to say. 

Question 1 


How would you describe your style? 

“ a Woman I can do all things. To me that's scary.”

Question 2

What makes you Original? 

“My Soul”

Question 3

Describe a time someone talked about you for being different.

“They have never stopped”

Question 4

What does freedom mean to you?

“Having an unguided spirit with the ability to liberally use all the gifts God has afforded me”

Question 5


If you could do something tomorrow to revitalize your life what would that be? 

“Not be so transparent, & know everybody doesn't have a place in my life.”

Question 6 

Why do you Rock Rillo? 

“I rock Rillo, because I am Amarillo made & Texas raised. This is where I started & received my foundation. Amarillo has been my blessing and my lesson. Amarillo made me learn.”

Amarillo is the inspiration behind the brand. There are many great entrepreneurs and community leaders doing amazing things for the greater good of the people and the city we love so much. One thing I had to learn  throughout this journey is I can not take everyone with me and everyone I expected to support doesn’t, but strangers will become the biggest supporters.  I hope you enjoyed the Be Original Interview featuring Roshanda. 

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