Rillo87 Interview featuring Ms. Shira Be Original

I met Ms. Shira in middle school at Sam Houston when I was in the 6th grade. She has always been outgoing, confident and bold. She is now currently a beautiful mother of 5, an amazingly talented makeup artist and model. I remember doing talent shows as a kid and she would be our choreographer and leader. I was so excited when she agreed to answer my questions on what being original means to her.  

Question 1 Describe your style

 I like to describe My style as something that  is very peerless! It exists only in one known example! I put a lot into my style because I want to make a 1st and lasting impression on anyone I come in contact with! Whether it’s me saying Hi or Bye, helping someone or even working! I always want leave a name for myself so that when my name is brought up their all going to know exactly who I am! Period! 

Question 2 What makes you original? 

The main thing that makes me Original is because I am aware of my own uniqueness! I am in a sense, already original. While there will be people who are similar to me, wear similar clothes, and have similar ideas, no one has had the experiences ive had or see the world from exactly the same point of view. I Recognize that being who I am is already unique and i don’t need to change.

Question 3 Describe a time someone talked about you for being different 

People often use to & still do talk about how masculine my features are to be a woman! From my cheek bones strong face and my good old flat chest! But u know what I didn’t let that stop me cause I know god made no mistakes when he created me! 

Question 4 What does freedom mean to you?

Freedom to me means to be set free from anything and anyone who stops you from being exactly who u are destined to be!

Question 5 If you could do something tomorrow to rejuvenate your life what would that be? 

If I could rejuvenate my life or renew it if I had the chance to do so I wouldn’t change a thing!! Because my trails and tribulations is what make up my character! It makes me who I am and I am constantly evolving into something amazing! Your not born strong and u don’t get strong overnight! You have to serve live and go in that shit unstoppable! You may fall but you can always get back up! You are only defeated when you quit!

Question 6 How do you Rock Rillo87 or why do you rock Rillo87?

I rock my Rillo87 gear with style & grace! I am able to express my individuality more because the logo itself represents that! The fact that Rillo87 is based out of Amarillo, Tx you don’t have to be from Amarillo to wear it! That solely states where uniqueness comes from! When can all Rock the same Rillo87Gear but we can all send a different message based off our own individuality styling it!

I hope you enjoyed the interview with Ms. Shira as much as I did. She has always been an inspiration of mine since we were kids she has always been so cool to me. I can relate with being called "manly" all my life for having strong features but like she said God created me beautifully! To learn more about Shira and to follow her on her journey you can find her on Instagram @ms_Lav she is a great MUA, Model, and Hairstylist so make sure you follow her. 

What questions do you wish I would have asked? Post a comment below. 

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