Rillo87 Be Original Interview featuring Talia Riley


I had the pleasure of interviewing Ms. Talia Riley. Talia is a Amarillo native and beautiful mother of 2. Ms. Riley was actually one of my very 1st customers and biggest supporters of Rillo87 since day one. I love that she keeps her kids and herself fresh in Rillo87 Gear.  I asked Talia a few questions and here’s what she had to say. 

Question 1 

How would you describe your style? 

“I’m more of a jeans, tshirt and tennis shoe type person”

Question 2

What makes you Original? 

2. N/A

She didn’t have a answer for this question but I think her hair cut makes her Original. It’s distinctive and really fits her face well. Also her style, most women are expected to dress “girly” I think by her preferring to rock jeans and a T-shirts makes her Original. 

Question 3 

Describe a time someone talked about you for being different. 

“Well I’m told all the time all I do is wear jeans and T-shirt’s and tennis shoes. I’m always asked why I don’t wear dresses and heels” 

Question 4

What does freedom mean to you? 

“Being able to do what u want without being judged”

Question 5

If you could do something tomorrow to revitalize your life what would that be?

“Join a gym, lol get myself in shape”

Question 6

Why do you Rock Rillo? 

“I ROCK RILLO because it’s my hometown and I try to support people who represent AMARILLO”

I hope you enjoyed the Talia Riley Be Original Interview! Growing up being a athlete jeans and T-shirts was always my go to outfit. My shoes had to match my shirt and I like my jeans fitted. I too was talked about for not wanting to wear heels and dresses. To follow Talia follow her on instagram @_taliariley_. 


What questions do you think I should ask?

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